Way to go 'Shoot Your Heart Out' archers!! Tournament Success! March 13 2016, 0 Comments

We want to congratulate all of our archers that competed in the Shoot Your Heart Out tournament being hosted by Papago Archery Association this weekend. Every single one of our archers that competed had podium finishes. You guys are awesome!!

East Valley Archery JOAD & American Archery Academy Team Archers did a wonderful job representing this weekend at the tournament. Congratulation on your success!

Recurve Bowmen Men
Waylon Hjerpe - 1st Place

Recurve Cub Women
Grace Jacques - 2nd Place

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski - 1st Place
Aimee Folland - 2nd Place

Recurve Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman - 2nd Place

Recurve Senior Women
Kelsey Lard - 1st Place