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October 2017 Tournament Success for AAA Archers November 02 2017, 0 Comments

During the month of October there were two tournaments that American Archery Academy archers participated in, here in the Valley. For some, this was a first time competition. The archers were competing for the title of State Champion on the weekend of October 21-22 and for best costume & podium finishes on October 28th. In the end, everyone had fun and many walked away with tremendous success. Congratulations to all of the AAA archers that took to the competition fields this past month. See below for detailed results.

AZ State Outdoor Championships (October 21-22, 2017)

Kelsey Lard - Set 2 new records in the Recurve Senior Women's Division during the qualification rounds on Saturday. 
Waylon Hjerpe - Set 2 new records in the Recurve Cub Men's Division during the qualification rounds on Saturday. 

Barebow Bowman Women
1st Place - Mia Wright (First Tournament)

Recurve Bowman Men
3rd Place - Max Mitchell

Recurve Cub Men
1st Place - Waylon Hjerpe

Recurve Cadet Women
3rd Place - Katie Stains

Recurve Senior Women
1st Place - Kelsey Lard

Recurve Senior Men
1st Place - Kevin Hubbard 

Barebow Bowman Women
1st Place - Mia Wright (First Tournament and State Champion)

Recurve Bowman Men
2nd Place - Max Mitchell

Recurve Cub Men
1st Place - Waylon Hjerpe (State Champion)

Recurve Senior Women
1st Place - Kelsey Lard (State Champion)

Both Katie Stains and Kevin Hubbard put up an amazing fight through the elimination rounds all the way to the Bronze medal match. 


Papago 900 Halloween Shoot (October 28th, 2017)

Recurve Yeoman Men
1st Place - Max Mitchell

Barebow Bowman Women
1st Place - Mia Wright

Recurve Cadet Women
1st Place - Zoey Wapniarski
2nd Place - Katie Stains
4th Place - Alicia Wada (First Tournament)

Recurve Junior Men
1st Place - Waylon Hjerpe

Recurve Senior Women
1st Place - Joyce Chan

Thank you to Coach Kevin, Kelsey and Zoey for their assistance during the State Championships tournament. It's been so exciting to watch the increase in AAA archers that are not only trying their hand at competition, but the continued growth and positive outcomes that they're experiencing as well. We are so proud of each and every one of you! 


133rd U.S. National Target & 2017 JOAD National Championships Recap August 14 2017, 0 Comments

The AAA team traveled to Westfield, IN on August 1st to compete in the 133rd U.S. National Target Championships, U.S. Open and 2017 JOAD National Championships. 

(photo by USA Archery)

Zoey Wapniarski (Recurve Cadet Women)
competed in the Clout Round on day 1 and took home the GOLD medal for her division. Zoey ranked 9th overall in qualifications. She earned her Bronze Olympian pin too!

Waylon Hjerpe (Recurve Cub Men)
earned a BRONZE during qualifications, SILVER in the elimination rounds and another BRONZE during team rounds.

Raley Morgan (Recurve Junior Women)
brought home a GOLD medal from team rounds and ranked 8th overall in qualifications. She earned her Bronze Olympian pin too!

Kelsey Lard (Recurve Senior Women)
ranked 20th in the qualification rounds.

Christopher Mussman (Recurve Cadet Men)
made it to the podium in team rounds earning him a GOLD medal.


The archers competed over 5 days and in various weather conditions, including heat, humidity, high winds, cold and rain. The competition included an optional Clout round, 2 days of Qualification rounds, 1 day of Elimination rounds and an optional day for Team rounds.


Congratulations team on all of your accomplishments and hard work!

~American Archery Academy~

Bronze Olympian Pin - Christopher Mussman August 10 2017, 0 Comments

Congratulations to team archer, Christopher Mussman, for earning his indoor Bronze Olympian pin during the month of July. 

USA Archery Press Release -

2017 Indoor Nationals (USA Archery) March 28 2017, 1 Comment

Our very own, Coach Kelsey Lard, placed 4th this year at the Indoor National Championships. We are incredibly proud of Kelsey for all of her hard work, perseverance and dedication to her craft. Congratulations Coach Kelsey on your huge success at the 2017 Indoor National Championships! 

2017 AZ State Indoor Championships January 09 2017, 0 Comments

Congratulations to ALL of our American Archery Academy Archers that competed in the 2017 AZ State Indoor Championships over the weekend. The competition was fierce, yet the team walked away with several victories including new state records, podium finishes and personal bests being broken. You guys did a fantastic job shooting and representing AAA. We couldn't be more pleased! 

Recurve Women
Kelsey Lard – 1st Place (2 NEW STATE RECORDS!!)

Recurve Men
Kevin Hubbard - 2nd Place

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski – 2nd Place
Katie Stains - 6th Place

Recurve Cadet Men
Christopher Mussman – 4th Place

Barebow Cadet Men
Cullen Bing - 1st Place

Recurve Cub Men
Waylon Hjerpe – 1st Place

Complete results are available here.


2016 Summer Sizzle Results August 07 2016, 0 Comments

Podium finishes for all of our archers this weekend at the 2016 Summer Sizzle tournament hosted by Desert Sky Archers. Nice shooting everyone & congratulations on your accomplishments!

Recurve Cadet Women
Zoey Wapniarski - 1st place 
Katie Stains - 3rd Place 

Recurve Cadet Men
Chris Mussman - 3rd Place 

Coach Kevin Ikegami with Mike Russell from Get Outdoors April 23 2016, 0 Comments

Coach Kevin Ikegami speaks with Mike Russell at Get Outdoors (KTAR News) about archery with youth in the Phoenix Metro area.  Find out more below in the segment beginning at 17:20.
Click to listen

2016 AAE AZ Cup Tournament April 10 2016, 0 Comments

The American Archery Academy Elite Team competed in the 2016 AZ Cup this week at the Ben Avery Outdoor Range. This tournament is a World Ranking Event (WRE), a Para World Ranking Event (Para WRE) and a USA Archery USAT Series Tournament. It is sanctioned by World Archery, World Archery Americas, and USA Archery. 

Team archers, Kelsey Lard, Kevin Hubbard, Zoey Wapniarski and Waylon Hjerpe, all competed in the ranking rounds on Friday. Everyone had the opportunity to share the range & the shooting line with some of the top archers in the World and several of the US Olympic archers. 

Kelsey, Zoey & Waylon made the cut and all moved onto the elimination rounds on Saturday. Kelsey and Zoey didn't advance beyond the 1/32 round, however, they put up a good fight and enjoyed the experience they had during the tournament. Waylon, who is only a Bowman, made it to the 1/16 round of the Cadet Male Recurve division. Awesome shooting AAA Team Archers!

The entire team was supported by Coach Kevin Ikegami throughout the tournament. Everyone gained valuable experience from the tournament and are looking forward to continuing their outdoor training to prepare for the SoCal Showdown tournament at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center in June.

Tournament Results 


Photographer: Steve Rogers