Coaches Profiles

Kevin Ikegami has been submersed in the discipline of archery for over 25 years.  His background in competitive archery has allowed him to train with some of the top coaches in the world.  Kevin also has considerable experience working with youth, including serving with the US Peace Corps from 2010-2013 as a Youth Development Volunteer in Ukraine.  Some of his career achievements are as follows:

  • Multiple Time U.S. National Champion
  • Former #1 U.S. Ranked Jr. Male Archer
  • 2x Jr. U.S. Archery Team Member
  • Winner of the Championships of the Americas
  • 20m Jr. World Record Holder



Lindsay Langston started shooting at the age of 9 (1988) and went on to become one of the best female archers in the world.  Her extensive international competitive experience and world class resume makes her one of the most qualified coaches in America.  Some of her career achievements are as follows:

  • 1996 Olympic Team Member
  • Multiple Time U.S. National Champion
  • 3x Jr. U.S. Archery Team Member
  • 3x World Team Member
  • Former #1 U.S. Ranked Women Archer
  • Former Top 10 World Ranked Women Archer